2019 Residencies

In 2019 we launched our first creative residencies, and hosted ten brilliant artists across a range of disciplines.

It was better than we could’ve imagined! Intense work, bubble machines from the attic, awe-inspiring art, shared meals, and a real sense of community and collaboration. Two artists who’d never met before started making work together and that collaboration has continued post-residency; and some artists have already exhibited work they made here.

Our first ever residency with kids was a combination of chaotic and completely amazing. The artists had time to make beautiful work, and the three kids still talk about each other every day.

Scroll back through SG’s instagram to find out more; and check out the artists’ websites below.

Laurie Cole.    +Instagram
Leo Gavin.    +Instagram
Scarlet Standen.    +Instagram
Susannah Bolton.    +Instagram
Bellatrix.    +Instagram
Bethan Maddocks.    +Instagram
Remi Bec.    +Instagram
Joely Clinkard.    +Instagram
Llew Watkins.    +Instagram